AIR freight is one of our core business in Lineup. We have established close relationship with many airlines at domestic and foriegn.We gain coustomer loyality and great support with our proffesionals services,get continuos support from many airlines for our good business character and payment character acheived many sales performance in the market.It was named the best cargo sales agent by the following airlines named 

UL, PK, TG, EK, TK ,QR, EY, GF,CX, SV and etc. The srvice covers booking agent ,coustom clearence, sorting, labelling, palletizing , transfer, pickup and delivery,door to door service ,shipment tracking flight charter and courrier services. Besides transportation of General cargo. Lineup is also engaged with the perishable, DG cargo, oversized cargo ,valueale cargo, ATA Carnet, fresh goods and etc.

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